If you wish to incorporate your work at Pupu Rangi into your university curriculum or if you wish to expand your skills beyond the conservation work, you might be interested in applying for one of our internships.

We offer two types of internships:

Conservation Internship

This internship is suited to three types of participants:

  • students that need to complete a practical component as part of their studies
  • those interested in learning to perform a wide range of biodiversity tasks - we cover anything from invertebrates to birds to bats
  • those interested in improving their leadership and planning skills

At the beginning of the internship, each intern will work with their mentor to complete a development plan outlining the skills that they would like to acquire or to improve on. Based on the development plan, a schedule will be agreed on and followed for the rest of the internship. Interns participate in the Volunteer program and in addition receive personalized training and mentoring according to their goals.

We can mentor and teach either technical skills or soft skills such as leadership and team building skills.

Hospitality Internship

This internship is suited to those that are interested in learning on how to manage an eco-hospitality operation. The Pupu Rangi tree tent experience is used as a working example and due to its simple and small-scale set-up, it takes a very short period of time for the interns to acquire the skills and confidence required to manage all daily operations such as:

  • welcoming guests and provide an introduction to the sanctuary
  • guiding guests on a tour of the sanctuary
  • preparing the tents before and after the guest's stay

In addition, interns will learn about the different options available for room management, reservations systems, and sustainability practices. Hospitality interns have the opportunity to participate in the Volunteer program, thus gaining exposure to all the conservation activities that we are involved in.

An internship position carries more responsibility, requires more commitment, demands much more effort than a volunteer position. However, you will learn more, you will develop extra skills, and you will gain a work experience comparable to that available in the "real world".

Kiwi at the Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary
Kiwi Monitoring

Kiwi monitoring using telemetry

Volunteer with kiwi chick

Transmitter change and health check on a kiwi

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