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New Zealand native forest

Imagine levitating over the forest, resting on your back and contemplating the blue sky contrasting against the lush green leaves of the trees surrounding you.

We invite you to experience a different side of the Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary by staying a night or two in one of our tree tents. Set-up in secluded clearings, our comfortable tree tents bring you as close to nature as you can get. Nestled in the trees, you can defy gravity and examine closer the hundreds of varieties of moss, the stick insects, and the busy birds. In the evening, while listening for the haunting calls of the kiwi, fall asleep to the sounds of the forest. Wake up in the midst of the dawn chorus and have the whole day ahead of you to explore the trails in our jungle-like forest, to participate in one of the conservation activities, to visit the nearby Kauri Coast attractions, or to just pick up a book and spend a relaxing time rocking gently in the breeze.

If you are ready for a bit of fun and adventure, stay with us! Make a reservation and we will welcome you to our world.

Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary Tree Tent

The tree tent activity allows you to set-up base off the ground in one of our comfortable tree tents.

Each of our tree tents has ample space for two people and their gear. We will provide you with enough covers, duvets, and pillows to be warm and comfortable. At the base of each tent, there is a picnic table and a waterproof box in which you can store your gear.

The tents are set-up in clearings which are between 50m and 200m away from the common area. You are welcome to use the common area and mingle with the explorers and volunteers that work in the sanctuary.

When not suspended above ground, you can choose one of the following activities:

  • explore the trails of our jungle-like forest and discover old-growth trees, wild vegetation, a string of waterfalls, and an area filled with glow worms
  • learn about New Zealand's trees and birds
  • learn about nature conservation in New Zealand
  • participate in conservation activities
  • visit the beautiful Kai Iwi Lakes
  • visit Tane Mahuta - a two thousand year old tree - and the Waipoua forest
  • climb the Tokatoka Peak
  • hike up the Maunganui Bluff to marvel at view of the endless golden beach

Not sure what to pick? It will be our pleasure to take the time and tell you about the sanctuary and advise about the sights that you can see in the forest or further afield.

Ready to have a bit of fun and to try something new? Make a reservation!

The Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary is located on the Kauri Coast in Northland, New Zealand. The sanctuary is in the vicinity of the Trounson Kauri Park. Nearby attractions include:

Kai Iwi Lakes
Tane Mahuta - a two thousand year old tree
Waipoa Forest - a large kauri forest

The closest town is Dargaville, located 50km away.

A visit to the sanctuary can easily be incorporated within your New Zealand holiday. Below are some sample itinerary ideas.

A taste of Northland (own transport)

Auckland - Goat Island - Bay of Islands - Kaitaia - Cape Reinga - Waipoa Forest - Trounson Kauri Park - Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary - Dargaville - Kauri Museum - Auckland

Kauri Coast (own transport)

Dargaville - Tokatoka Peak - Kai Iwi Lakes - Coastal Walkway - Waipoa Forest - Trounson Kauri Park - Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary - Dargaville - Kauri Museum

If you travel by bicycle, you might want to consider riding the Twin Coast Trail.

Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary Tree Tent

There are only three tree tents set-up in the Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary, so you can be assured that you will have plenty of space and privacy. The tree tent activity is designed for the independent traveller and the two night minimum stay allows you to experience the wonders of our sanctuary.

The tents are set-up only during the southern hemisphere summer (December to March).

Getting there

You will need your own transportation to reach the Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary and to visit the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, we will not be able to pick you up and there is no public transport in the vicinity of the sanctuary. Please note that the access road to the sanctuary is not suitable for vehicles longer than 6 meters.

Once you complete your booking, you will receive an email that contains a map with clear directions. For planning purposes, we are located in Northland, New Zealand, three hours north from Auckland (New Zealand's largest city), three hours west from the Bay of Islands, one hour from the two thousand year-old Tane Mahuta, and half an hour from the Trounson Kauri Park.


During the day we are working in the forest and we are not able to receive guests until 4:30pm. The Kai Iwi lakes or Trounson Kauri Park are amazing places to spend the extra time if arriving early.

The check-out time is 10:00 am.


The tree tent activity includes breakfast. You will have a choice between cooked eggs, muesli, or toast with spreads.

A meal package is available either at booking time or at check-in time. We cater to most dietary requirements if we are told beforehand. We also stock a small selection of sweets and drinks for sale. You are welcome to bring your own snacks, special food, or drinks. We will not be able to keep them in the fridge, but we could store them in the pantry for you.

There are no cooking facilities available to guests and the closest restaurant is 30km away.


You are allowed to consume alcohol in the vicinity of your tent, please keep in mind that our volunteers are not allowed to consume alcohol.


We prefer to have guests that do not smoke due to the risk of fire to the forest. If you wish to smoke you will need to have a liability insurance that covers you up to 5 million New Zealand dollars. Firefighting in such a remote area is expensive :(

Smoking is not permitted in the tree tent area.


Our facilities are basic but comfortable. One of the principles behind our sanctuary is to be as kind to the environment as possible. We are off the grid and we try to use as little resources as possible. The main facilities (kitchen, showers, dinning room) are housed in recycled shipping containers.

The closest laundry facilities are in Dargaville, about 50km away. Small items can be washed in the sinks.

Electricity and Water

Please note that we are off the grid and do not have electricity or running water.

Phone and Internet

Strong mobile phone signal on the Telecom, Vodafone, Skinny, and 2degrees networks is accessible in the common area for both Internet and voice. There is no phone signal in the forest.

Health and Safety

The New Zealand forest is very safe and it has no dangerous animals or reptiles.

In case of a major storm, we might have to take the tents down and relocate you to safer accommodation. We would normally be able to advise at least 24hrs in advance.

The closest medical clinic is in Dargaville, about one hour away. The closest hospital with an emergency room is in Whangarei, about two hours away.


You need to have medical/travel insurance to be able to stay with us.

What to Bring

The weather can be surprisingly chilly and wet even in the middle of summer. For a comfortable stay, we recommend to bring the following:

  • hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen
  • warm clothes for the chilly nights
  • wet weather gear (rain pants, rain jacket, solid hiking shoes)
  • swimming gear
  • some snacks or drinks (we stock a small selection of sweets and drinks for sale)